Finding the perfect home for the Queen of Flowers is not easy. Ottoman merchants imported the Rosa Damascena variety of rose for rose oil cultivation throughout Balkan countries during the 16th century while searching for the perfect conditions to craft "liquid gold". A newly founded town in Bulgaria and its nearby valley would provide just that - changing history, influencing a nation and creating a culture for the luxury craft of delicate and decadent rose oil.

This town was destined to become known as Kazanlak, Kazan was the Ottoman word for 'still', and Kazanlak literally means 'the place of stills'. The distilleries in Kazanlak were an organic industry created by the nearby valley, providing the perfect environment for growing roses. This established what many experts would in later years consider to be the finest rose oil producing region in the world. The rose valley of Kazanlak is now known across the globe as the "Valley of Roses".

Unique climatic and soil conditions make the Valley of Roses the perfect home for rose growing and rose oil production. The mountain rains and fresh air create the perfect environment for the plentiful pure botanicals that grow in the valley. Mild winters prepare the rose plants for the blossoming season. The air humidity, cloudiness and precipitation in May and June contribute to the cultivation of roses that yield very high percentage of oil.