YOGHURT OF BULGARIA is a probiotic cosmetics line combining two of the world’s most unique natural elixirs – Bulgarian Yogurt and Bulgarian Rose Oil. This natural probiotic skincare line provides quick and effective results for even the most sensitive skin using advanced probiotic active ingredients, natural essential plant oils and vitamins. Containing AC YOGHURT DERMAL RESPIRATORY FACTOR, a powerful active ingredient synthesized by live Lactobacillus Bulgaricus cells and isolated through state-of-the-art technology. This active probiotic stimulates collagen and increases oxygen absorption improving cellular respiration and allowing for improved cellular expansion which fights against environmental aggressors, slows the aging process and aides in purifying, rejuvenating, strengthening and re-balancing the skin's epidermis. AC YOGHURT HYDROLYSATE, an active yogurt protein in hydrolyzed form enhances the ingredient's functional and nutritional properties which dramatically improves skin’s hydration.


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