The lavender plant has been widely used in perfumery and alternative medicine since ancient times as a remarkable anaesthetic, antidote and because of its potency to promote the process of damaged tissue regeneration. Lavender is a Mediterranean native. With the development of the perfume industry, the area, where it is grown, extends to cover the Balkan countries and the Black Sea basin. Bulgarian lavender oil rivals in quality the best of the world’s great lavender. It is distinguished by its long-lasting fine fragrance, sweet, fruity and floral, calming and woody. While providing relaxation and revitalizing, it balances, soothes and simultaneously stimulates spirit and body. Lavender fragrance relieves depression and melancholy. The name of lavender derives from the Latin word "lavare" and means "wash". It is given for the sense of purity and lightness that it creates. The Lavender skincare line contains lavender water, along with other beneficial active ingredients. The finest Bulgarian lavender is distilled into lavender oil and delicate scented lavender water. Lavender oil applied on skin has a disinfecting effect due to antimycotic and antiseptic properties. This makes it extremely effective in treating inflammatory processes on the skin. Natural lavender skincare and lavender body care have a toning effect and maintain fresh skin appearance, enhance regeneration of cells, prevent drying and give a unique glow. The Lavender line is fully natural; it efficiently hydrates skin and provides a restoration effect.


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