LAVENDER & HONEY with Bulgarian lavender and honey extract

Lavender & Honey by Bulgarian Rose Inc is a natural lavender skincare line containing a fragrant combination of products emblematic for Bulgaria and suitable for all skin types. They contain carefully selected active ingredients that contribute to skin's intensive hydration, nourishment and revitalization through the precious properties of honey extract and a unique phytocomplex of lavender. Bioliquefied Bulgarian Lavender is a low molecular weight active extract of lavender racemes, obtained by enzymatic biocatalysts which allows the extraction of all bioactive plant ingredients. It is rich in phenols, saccharides and antioxidants which protect from free radicals and have an effect that counteracts aging. The active honey extract contains vitamins and minerals which nourish, restore and moisturize while maintaining velvet softness and elasticity. These effects combined with the balanced scent of honey and lavender turn daily beauty care into pleasure for the senses. 


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