BULGARIAN ROSE SIGNATURE SPA with natural Bulgarian rose oil and caviar complex 

Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa by Bulgarian Rose Inc is a rose cosmetics line crafted to maintain the healthy and youthful appearance of all skin types. It combines prized natural Bulgarian rose oil and natural Bulgarian rose water with sea treasures such as - caviar complex, a seawater concentrate and brown algae extract. Bulgarian rose oil and rose water refresh, moisturize, soothe and improve skin's elasticity. Rose is known to stimulate skin's natural recovery processes and help prevent against premature aging. Caviar complex contains carefully derived ingredients from caviar, seaweed and actin. Rich in amino acids, peptides, minerals and oligo-elements, caviar complex nourishes and helps activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin to smooth the skin. It also revitalizes and remineralizes tired, stressed skin. Extract of Fucus vesiculosus (edible brown algae) contains valuable microelements and polyphenols, which help increase skin's natural protective function.


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