OLIVE OIL OF GREECE uses the highest quality organic olive oil to deliver remarkable results for beauty and vibrant health with effective prevention for premature aging and wrinkle formation. ORGANIC OLIVE OIL as an active ingredient in our olive oil skincare line has powerful softening properties and provides optimal water-fat balance for improved elasticity of the skin. It also soothes redness and fights irritation. HYALURONIC ACID acts as a powerful humidifier, smoothing fine lines and improving skin elasticity. CREATIN, a natural coenzyme for the skin, charges cells with energy and accelerates cellular functions, strengthening the skin's protective mechanisms and stimulating the synthesis of collagen and ceramides. PLANTASENS OLIVE ACTIVE HP, a modern natural remedy against skin aging, contains highly concentrated olive squalene - a major component of human sebum. Proven to be an effective protective barrier for skin, it protects skin lipids from forming peroxides (oxidizing products) and free radicals induced by UV rays and offers a high antioxidant potential, protecting skin’s structure and providing powerful anti-aging effects with proven efficacy. 


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